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  Chuzhou .China .An ancient and rising land .On modern fertile ground with millenarian civilization .There stands a leading high-tech company----Anhui Sunmine Mechanical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Co,Ltd.Who specializes in home appliances and equipment manufacturing field home and abroad.Sunmine is located in Chuzhou.Where is the hometown of China home appliances equipment and mould manufacturing.At the foot of The Langya Mountain surrounded by beautiful scenery national forest park.Beijing--Shanghai railway,Shanghai-Wuhan-Chengdu railway .Na njing-Luoyang Expressway,Hefei-Nanjing Expressway, 104 National Highway and 312 National Highway go through it.The company to Nanjing and Hefei international airport only one- hour driving conveniently .
     Sunmine company lies in National Economic and Technological Development Zone-----East City Industrial Park.Chuzhou.China.There are two modern garden-like producing plants .Occupied total building area about 40,000 square meters. Sunmine devotes into Refrigerator home appliance,Automobile industry,Building board industry and photo-thermal non-standard equipment developing and research and manufacturing since it founded in 2006.It gets a lot of excellent achievements after ceaseless development .Sunmine has become State-level High-tech Company、Provincial and Municipal Company Technology Centre.Anhui Province Technological Innovation Demonstration Company.Anhui Province Private-owned Technology Company.Anhui Province Manufacturing Information Demonstration Company.etc .Sunmine has also become a member of China Home Appliances Industry Association,A member of China Polyurethane Industry Association,China Solar Industry Association and China Mould Industry Association .etc.
     Honest casts quality and quality casts brand.Sunmine’s products cover five main categories.Including: Refrigerator(freezer) vacuum forming machine、Refrigerator(freezer) foaming line、Refrigerator (freezer)assembly line 、Air conditioner assembly line and washing machine assembly line 、Refrigerator(freezer)metal sheet forming line ; Photo-thermal (Solar) and photo-electricity industry production line.;Automobile industry foaming line,Automobile industry vacuum forming equipment and other equipment;Building board industry production line ;Industrial manipulator and other industry all kinds of non-standard special machines and equipment, As well as manufacturing 、installment 、trial 、after sales and project service.We also provide our customers with systematic solutions.Sunmine owned complete equipment, Not only owned advanced large-scale(planer)CNC processing equipment and CAD\CAM processing system .But also owned CNC lathe、Milling、 Grinding 、Boring 、Drilling、Line cutting、Bending、Electric spark、Argon-arc welding、Gas shielded welding and other special equipment.Sunmine took the lead in passing ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001environment system authentication.
      Sunmine abides by integrity principle and kept innovation sustainable.There are more than 200 employees .Four graduates and thirty-six undergraduates and eighty-two colleges among them. The senior and middle title accounts for 60% of research and development team and management team.Working staff found proper platform to release their talents based on people first approach with harmonious environment.Formed a strong cohesion and centripetal force.As a result of development team and management team making great efforts over the years continuously. Sunmine acquired 365 state technology patents .76 New products certifications .112 New type technology patents and 86 Scientific and technological achievements proudly one after another .
     Sunmine possesses excellent products quality assurance system.Sunmine owns core technology and professional team from home appliances equipment manufacturing industry .Sunmine has comprehensive marketing resources .Sunmine cooperated with Haire Group and other more than 30 domestic well-known companies comprehensively early or late.Such as:Midea,LG,Beijing Benz,Hisense,KELON,Meling,SANYO,TCL Group,Changhong Group,Hyundai Motor,Wanbao Group ,SIEMENS,Skyworth,BMW,Himin Group,Hailin,China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute ,Sunrain Group,Lear Cooperation Limited,General Motors,Whirlpool,Linuo Solar ,First Auto Works,CEH Group,HOBART Group,Great Wall Motors,China Three Engineering Construction and IAC Group.etc.Sunmine manufactured home appliances whole set equipment not only occupied 40% domestic market shares.But also exported to more than 20 countries and religions directly.Such as UK、France、Russia、South Africa、Egypt、Algeria、Sudan、Bangladesh、Pakistan、Indonesia、India 、Saudi Arabia、Iran 、Jordan and Argentina. etc.All equipment products withstood the test of global markets and enjoyed immense praise all over the world.
      Looking at the blue sea and sky, We feel a long way to go; Listening to the tempestuous waves.We much more arouse the passion of tides.Revitalizing national industry and becoming the world electrical equipment industry leader are Sunmine’s long-term strategic target.We will continue to deepen enterprise reform and build hundred-year Sunmine foundation as well as improve the core competitiveness of products. To provide global customers with more high quality equipment and services.We shall endeavor to explore to advance constantly .
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